Sea Star Grove is a coven within the Blue Star tradition of Wicca. We began functioning as a study group under the direction of our mother coven, Ravenstar Coven (based in Minneapolis) in 1992. At that time, Sea Star was based in Florida. In January 1998, we moved to our current location in Western Washington. In December 1999, Frodo was initiated into the clergy, and Sea Star became a teaching coven under the guidance of Ravenstar Coven.

In 2004, Lord Frodo received 3rd degree and Ordination, and Sea Star became a fully autonomous coven within the Blue Star tradition.

With the Initiation of Aspen into the clergy, we now have clergy on both sides of Puget Sound, and although our Covenstead remains on the Eastside, we serve students throughout the Puget Sound, and beyond, including long-distance students as far away as Florida.

Sea Star is not accepting new students at this time. For more information, email